Rupert Taylor's practice was established in 1968 and has advised clients throughout the world in the fields of: environmental assessment, industrial noise and vibration, transportation noise and vibration, groundborne noise, ground borne vibration, construction noise and vibration, community noise, building acoustics and noise control in product development. Rupert Taylor is a world leader in the field of vibro-acoustics of railway structures and tunnels, with extensive experience in the measurement of railway vibration and noise, and the modelling, by numerical methods, the time-domain vibro-acoustic-dynamic behaviour of a moving train on a bridge or in a tunnel including all the effects of wheel and rail roughness and dynamic forces.

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Rupert Thornely-Taylor was awarded the Rayleigh medal by the Institute of Acoustics, for outstanding contributions to acoustics.


Rupert Thornely-Taylor was awarded the Association of Noise Consultant’s Outstanding Contribution award.


Rupert Thornely-Taylor was awarded Honorary Membership of the Association of Noise Consultants.


Rupert Taylor Ltd received a British Construction Industry Special Award for The Pursuit of Architectural and Engineering Excellence in Public Transport for our work on the Jubilee Line Extension Project.


The practice has provided expert witnesses in many courts of law, both at home and overseas, at public inquiries, in both Houses of Parliament, and before the Royal Commission on Environmental Pollution. Download proofs of evidence, technical papers, reports and power point presentations . Rupert Thornely-Taylor is an expert witness before the Select Committees of the High Speed Rail BIll in the House of Commons and the House of Lords of the UK Parliament, as he was for the Crossrail Bill. Transcripts of evidence and other Bill documentation are available on the Parliament Website



Rupert Taylor Ltd specialises in the prediction of vibration and groundbourne noise from a wide range of sources including railways. We have developed a three-dimensional modelling package capable of simulating the dynamic behaviour of sources, soil and rock, buildings, generating output vibration and noise signals in the time domain. That package is called FINDWAVE® is a Finite Difference Model for predicting vibration of structures, re-radiated noise and ground borne propagation of vibration at acoustic frequencies. A boundary element module enables far-field prediction of structure-radiated noise from bridges and viaducts. FINDWAVE® is proprietary to Rupert Taylor Ltd, but has been licenced to a number of consultants and used to simulate vibration in projects around the world.